Tips & Trics : Screenprinting equals printing multiple exact copies ?

XMAS cards 2013

Screenprinting equals printing multiple exact copies ?

Yes, this would sounds logical. But the only work I print serially are X-MAS cards and stickers.

As I am still developing my skills, both graphically as technically, it would not make sence to me to print lots of similar prints.

Actually when I create my design in Illustrator, Photoshop or by hand, the results on screen never match those on paper,  on screen they look good and disappoint on paper or printer.

Tips and Tricks :

Unless it is a clear assignment, I’m always working on multiple prints/screens at the same time. I never throw away a print, I will try to reuse them later on.

Test your design with different frames the results might be surprising


Objective for 2014 succeeded : my first paid assignment


My objective for 2014 was accomplished, sell work to someone who is neither  family or friend…

KBC Bank Belgium asked me if it was possible to print messages on bricks. I tested it with a logo and it worked.

Tips for other screenprinters :

Clean bricks properly with water and let them dry before you start printing (brick is porous, ink will not stick properly)

Use thick lines or bold fonts for design

I have 2 objectives for 2015

1. Expose in a gallery outside Art Academy or get into a publication

2. Give a free work to public person I like

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Tips and tricks : how to prepare artwork for screenprinting in Illustrator

Preparing artwork for screenprinting in Illustrator, Always handy to know