ToonOnYourWallStickerTour: Why do my stickers allways end up near rock or metal bands ?

For some reason my stickers mostly end up near rock/metal related bands.

Thank you for sending them to me

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This Megadeth versus Slayer posted on a WW2 bunker on the Belgian Coast

ToonOnYourWallStickerTour2013 Slayer vs Megadeth
ToonOnYourWallStickerTour2013 Slayer vs Megadeth


Or at the concert of Muse in Werchter


ToonOnYourWallStickerTour2013 Muse @ Werchter Boutique Belgium
ToonOnYourWallStickerTour2013 Muse @ Werchter Boutique Belgium


This one was send  by a friend of me after he went to a great metal concert at the Melkweg in Amsterdam,