Back to school, what can you expect from ToonOnYourWall ?

Back2SchoolSmallSummer is gone and it is Back2School again.

This will be my second year as a screen printing student at Academy of Arts of Anderlecht.

My focus for this year works will be experimenting  with colors and geometry.

And yes,  I will continue to make stickers and try to distribute them globally. So please keep posting them, contact me at if you are travelling abroad and want help me.

The idea remains the same, keep one sticker for yourself and post one on a cool location, shoot a picture and send it to me (with the location info) A new series of stickers is expected end of september

What and how many posts can you expect on blog ?

Once or twice a month new works, freebies and howtos will be posted.

Every month an update of the sticker map will be posted.

And every quarter new stickers will be added


Thank you for reading, now I’m off to print some stuff

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